TBSFA - Office Bearers

TBSFA - Th.Birachandra Singh Football Academy

The New office bearers of Th.Birachandra Singh Football Academy(TBSFA),
Taobungkhok Imphal West Manipur are unanimously elected for the year 2011-2014.

President :
S. Khurailakpa
Kurai Salanthong, Imphal East.

Vice President:
Th. Hero Singh
Chingamathak, Imphal.

General Secretary:
Th. Dilipkumar Singh
Edn. Qlfn. : Graduate, Represented GU, Footbal Team & 1st Inter District Team (Central District Imphal), School Grassroot Coach,Taobungkhok Makha Leikai.

Asst. General Secy.:
Loitongbam Ibomcha Singh,
Taobungkhok Mayai Leikai.

Organisation Secy.:
Th. Krishnatombi Singh
Taobungkhok Makha Leikai.

Finance Secy.:
A. Krishnakumar Sharma
Bamol Leikai, Imphal.

Spokes Person:
S. Rajen Singh

Asst. Finance Secy.:
Ch. Sanjoy Sharma
Bamol Leikai, Imphal.

Asst. Organisation Secy.:
Laithangbam Tomboi Singh
Taobungkhok Makha Leikai.

Asst. Organisation Secy.:
Thongam Koireng Singh
Taobungkhok Makha Leikai.

Asst. Organisation Secy.:
Thokchom Tombisana Singh
Taobungkhok Makha Leikai.

Publicity Secretary:
Jinendra Maibam
Lalambung Takhellambam Leikai
Edn. Qlfn.: BA, LLB/PGDJMC, Photo Journalist

Asst. Publicity Secretary:
Thokchom Brajamohon Singh
Taobungkhok Makha Leikai
Up- Pradhan Changangei G/P.

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Regular non-residential Football Coaching imparted to the catched young 10-15 years during the period 2000-2007. Regular non-residential Football Coaching imparting to grassroot level to final youth phases from 2008-2009.